What is this site about?

At the moment, it’s serving as a sort of journal of my progress as I learn how to make plushies. In the future, if things go well, it might also be a base of operations should I decide to go for a bigger web presence or (if things go really well) start taking commissions. But for now, it’s just a log of my adventures in plush making 🙂

How long have you been making plushies?

I have been interested in plush making for years, but I’ve never really had time to sit down and pursue it. That changed in June 2016 when a broken foot left me with not much to do. I spent a lot of time on the couch, which led to lots of time to start my journey towards learning plush making.

What are you present and future goals in terms of plushies?

My immediate goal is to just figure out how best to make a variety of plushies. That means tackling the little things, like working with different fabrics, practicing a variety of stitches, and working with varied types of patterns. I’ll be posting pictures of my plushies as I make them, links to where I got the patterns and/or tutorials, and a run-down of what new things I learned as I made the plush in question. In the near future, I plan to start making personalized plushies for friends and family. That’s what I’m really working towards for now. If that goes well and seems like something I would like to do more of, I might look at opening an Etsy shop and taking commissions. But one step at a time!

“VikingDog”? What does that mean?

I am the happy owner of a Swedish Vallhund, which are often referred to as “Viking Dogs” because of the breed’s historical origin among Vikings. Our girl is named Zia. She and our cat, Mac, often supervise my activities, so they will probably pop up often in my progress pictures.

Your plushies look bad and you should feel bad!

Yeah, I know. But it’s fun! I’ve found that I really enjoy the process. With any luck, my plushies’ appearances will improve with time and practice 😉