Two Smaller Projects – Tiny Bat and Heat-Up Owl

I figured I would go ahead and post both of these projects together, since they are smaller things that I’ve been working on off-and-on between bigger projects. Neither of them are anything big or special, but I think they’re cute little guys.


The first of the two was this little bat. I got the pattern off of Etsy (link at the end of post). For the most part, it was pretty straight-forward and easy to follow. There were a couple of alterations I made as I went though, to try to get the look that I wanted. Though in the end, I was reminded how difficult it is to do detail work on plushies this small. 


I used this as an opportunity to test out some broadcloth cotton that I picked up on sale. I probably won’t be using it again, unless it is doubled-up. It was so thin, and had a bad tendency to fray at the edges. Oh well, lesson learned! In the end, this guy is super tiny, but very cute sitting up on the shelf.

Next up was a project I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. This guy is stuffed with a bag filled with rice, buffered with cotton trimmings. Because everything used is microwave safe, he can be put in the microwave and heated up to be a cozy, snuggly heating pad. 


I’m really happy with how this turned out. At least conceptually — the detail work is pretty derpy, and the wings didn’t want to attach properly, and again the fabric was pretty thin and frayed. BUT, this is one of the BEST, most cuddly heating pads in the history of ever! The shape is perfect for a heating pad. I think I’m going to try to make more of these, but with better material, and in different varieties of animal cuddle-buddies.  If things turn out well, they might be the first thing worth going up on an Etsy shop! Fingers crossed.



Little Bat Pattern

Microwaveable Owl Instructions  (This one doesn’t really have a pattern, but does have instructions and discusses various options for stuffing.)