My Second Request, a Shuppet

After I posted pictures of my Pokemon party favor plushes, a friend of mine quickly contacted me with a request, asking if it would be possible for me to make them a Shuppet. Being less familiar with the later-gen games, I had to look that one up, and I was a little hesitant at first. The structure and design is much different than anything I have done before. But I decided to give it a try, because that’s how you learn things, right?

It ended up going much more smoothly than I had anticipated. The head construction was a simple sphere, and I added the spike to the top. In hindsight, I do think I could have made the spike larger, but this one is alright. The minky made attaching the spike very easy, because as has been established, minky is the best thing.


“I don’t always pose with in-progress plushies, but when I do, I shed all over them.”

The skirt-like body of the Shuppet was more of a challenge. I first tried a square-based construction, and I have no idea why I thought that would work. I stitched the two panels together and attached them to the Shuppet before I realized that it just wasn’t going to work. As I was griping about making stupid mistakes and wasting fabric, my husband looked over at the failed Shuppet “skirt” and stated, “It looks a lot like a throw pillow. Could you make it a throw pillow?”


Pictured: An Accident

So I did! I was quite happy with how this particular accident turned out. Since it’s minky fabric, it took to stuffing extremely well. And the hem-work that I had already done for the Shuppet gives it quite a nice look. 

But back to the Shuppet! In my second attempt at the skirt, I cut a large oval instead of a square, and instead of doing a two-panel piece I just hemmed the one panel itself before attaching it to the head. It looked MUCH better!  That just left the face. I toyed with the idea of embroidering the eyes, but decided against Shuppet eyes being my first attempt at embroidery. That will be saved for a different project with much smaller eyes! 


I am very pleased with the finished product. It is difficult to get good pictures of it, considering the fact that the body is just the floaty skirt. But it does look much better than I had been anticipating, and it is super cuddly (can I tell you about our lord and savior, minky fabric?). My friend was super pleased with it. Their reaction when they got it was just over-the-moon excitement. That is always the best part of these things 🙂


Found that the little guy fit quite well on one of our lamps. Totally not a fire hazard, I’m sure…


I have several other projects in the works right now — two smaller things that I have been working on in between other projects, and a new request that I will start working on once the fabric order arrives. So expect to see more posts in the near future!


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