The Critters and the Pokemon Favors – Pictures

A few days ago I made my big super-post about the Pokemon party favor shenanigans, but left out pictures of Zia and Mac and their “assistance” throughout the project. Well, here for your amusement, are my partners in crime. It looks like I took fewer pictures than I thought — and even fewer of Zia, because she generally kept her nose out of things for this one — but here is what I have!


“Mom, this seems like a lot of work. How about we sleep for you?”


Supervising Jigglypuff reference images.


“Human, what is this? Nothing you’ve made looks anything like this.” “Shut up, Cat.”


“What? I’m helping. With my judgement.”


“String? String!”


“My string now, human!”


*to the tune of Firefly* “You can’t take the string from me!”



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