Introduction Time!

Oh, hi there! Looks like introductions are in order. My name is Emily, and I am an aspiring maker of cuddly plushies. I have been interested in plush making for years, but I’ve never really had time to sit down and pursue it. That changed a couple of weeks ago when a broken foot left me with a lot of downtime and not much to do. I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch, which means lots of time to start my journey towards learning plush making. (That dork  below? Das me.)


Le dork

I have only just started working on plushies. So far just a couple of completed plushies to my name. And yes, they all look goofy and are filled with rookie mistakes. But I have learned a lot already, and I have enjoyed every minute of it, so I think this is something that I will be doing a lot of. And hopefully the appearance of my plushes will improve as I go 😉

So what is this site for? At the moment, it’s serving as a sort of journal of my progress as I learn how to make plushies. I’ll be posting pictures of my plushies as I make them, links to where I got the patterns and/or tutorials, and a run-down of what new things I learned as I made the plush in question. In the future, if things go well, it might also be a base of operations should I decide to go for a bigger web presence or (if things go really well) start taking commissions. But for now, it’s just a log of my adventures in plush making.

And I should probably introduce my partners in crime while I’m at it! The first of the two is Zia, pictured below. She is an almost-3-year-old Swedish Vallhund (commonly known as “Viking Dogs” because of their historic origins). She makes up one half of my familiars. She is super curious and tries to “help” with everything. That means she will probably show up in my progress pictures, as she often has her nose into my materials.


The Viking Dog in question.

Part 2 of my gang? That would be Mac. He’s an almost-2-year-old kitten that we adopted from a rescue. He’s a little snugglebutt who loves nothing more than to curl up in a pile of blankets. He’s also very curious, and supervises everything I do. He’s pretty sure that making off with my thread classifies as “helping”.


I’m helping!

Oh, and Zia and Mac are pretty sure they are siblings separated at birth. They play, they cuddle, and they cause trouble together. Which means that, when I’m working on my plushes, they are almost always BOTH into my stuff together. So if you don’t see them show up in my pictures, I can almost guarantee that they have layers of hair all over my stuff.


We’re not judging your work. Not at all.

That ought to do for introductions. I’ll be posting my first plush soon, and we’ll get this blog rolling.


3 comments on “Introduction Time!

  1. atkokosplace says:

    I love your partners in crime. I have a few myself! I’ve never seen a pooch like Zia. I’m going to look her breed up. Very interested, I am! So happy I fell into your blog. What a happy place it is! Best wishes to you and happy plush making! 🙂 Koko


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